I did not like the idea of working for someone else.

A trip to NYC Fashion week made me realize my passion and dream career. I felt the urge to get back to Sydney and start right away. I had no money, but I had the drive and I was hungry for the experience of it all. So I took out a bank loan and went for it without hesitation. It was scary but I was determined to make something of myself and be a BOSS. More than anything, being your own boss is all about your MINDSET.

Take control of your life

I had an awakening and decided to be my own boss, starting with reclaiming my life and ending a bitter marriage. I crossed many hurdles over the years – being a single mom and raising two kids comes with a lot of stress and worry which makes you feel powerless. I didn’t want to be weak or to rely on anyone else, so I made a choice to make changes to better my world and I realized I was capable… and that we all are! It’s a matter of taking that first step.

Have a vivid vision

Dreams do come true and you have the power to make them a reality. I set goals, I wrote them down and checked things off my check list daily. I focused and put in the work. I did not depend on anyone to make my desires a reality, it was all up to me alone. Some days were hard and I struggled, but I remained focused and kept going. Keep your eye on the ball – the end results are worth all the sweat and tears.

Stay focused

Hold onto the vision of the future you want and create steps to achieve it. When I look back over the years and note my achievements and personal goals, I get goose bumps and think to my self, “Wow… I did that!” It makes me smile and I feel proud for a minute, then I continue on my journey and press forward. There is still so much more to do, so much more to conquer… it’s limitless! The key is: don’t drop the ball.

Ask and you shall receive

Making a list of goals and crossing them off as you get through them is very liberating. Put your dreams out there and manifest them. Stay positive and create an environment of energy that will attract to you what you want. Things always work out how they are meant to. It’s up to you how you’re going to receive it. My intention was to build a brand that represents me and my ideas, so I created a label full of my designs. I created everything from idea to paper to fabric. I made it happen.

Never give up

Be resilient and persistent in your vision. Don’t let anything blur your lines, stay focused – not on the end results – because no one can see the future, but by believing in yourself and your ideas. By focusing you will network with the right people and generate more opportunities and collaborations and just like that you will create a snow ball effect. An entrepreneur always looks at every experience or obstacle as an opportunity and takes every business decision, whether it turns out good or bad, as a lesson and moves on.

Ask yourself; who do you want to be, where do you want to go and why? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Are you happy? Do you get up in the morning to work or play? Your job should be fun and exciting, it is your livelihood and representation of who you are, so find your passion and be fabulous. We all have our challenges and ups and downs, nothing is perfect, but you can always start again and follow your passion and let the opportunity of success unfold.

Believe in yourself and be the best you can be.