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    It may sound crazy, but there are all kinds of moves you can make this time of year to pay less when you do your income taxes. We’ve compiled 12 year-end tax tips below. For most of the savings, you’ll need to itemize your deductions. It’s a little more work, but it could mean a bigger tax refund. Just follow these steps and start saving. Tip 1: Add Add money to your retirement plan, if
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    With so many forms to complete and numbers to keep track of, tax preparation can quickly become a stressful, time-consuming activity—testing the limits of your patience and taking time away from what’s really important. But with some careful record-keeping and organization, you can take away some of that stress and make filing next year’s tax return just a little bit easier. Here are a few tips for organizing your tax records after you file and
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    I did not like the idea of working for someone else. A trip to NYC Fashion week made me realize my passion and dream career. I felt the urge to get back to Sydney and start right away. I had no money, but I had the drive and I was hungry for the experience of it all. So I took out a bank loan and went for it without hesitation. It was scary but I
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    Flying Solo Means More Freedom and More Flexibility No one likes to talk about taxes, so why would anybody want to make a living as a tax preparer? The flexibility, for starters. Tax preparers earn the bulk of their annual income during the first quarter of the year, between January 1 and April 30. And like teachers, many tax preparers are able to a significant amount take time off during the summer and fall, sometimes